Tanning Tips


To make sure you get the best spray tan possible,
take a look at our spray tan preparations:

Before Your Tan

  • Shower, shave & exfoliate (use oil-free products), avoid using moisturizers after showing to prevent barriers that may interfere with the tan absorption.
  • Schedule hair/spa treatments & workouts prior to appointment

Day of Your Tan:

  • Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing
  • No Makeup, Perfume, or Deodorant
  • Do not apply body or face moisturizer

After Your Tan:

  • Stay dry and avoid touching your skin to ensure that your tan dries flawlessly. Your tan will begin to darken over the next 4-5 hours.
  • Remain dry for the 6-8 hours following your appointment. You can not sweat or get wet till your first rinse off.
  • Limit exposure to pools and hot tubs, as this may fade your tan and note that the solution is water soluble and will wash out of clothes and sheets.
  • Take short, warm showers using mild, non-scented soap; shave with a light touch.
  • Pat skin dry and moisturize with a mild lotion or tan enhancer.
  • Avoid skin contact when applying perfume (apply to clothes and hair)
  • Although you may feel slightly damp during the hour following your tan, feel free to go about your normal daily routine!

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