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Lux spray tanning salons with convenient locations in Austin and Dallas.

Hush Hush Tan is an upscale spray tan salon with locations in Austin, Dallas and Houston. We provide clients a healthier and safer method of achieving sun-kissed, golden skin year round. Clients can expect to achieve a naturally flawless glow that matches their skin tone with just one visit! Our unique, all-natural solution and airbrush technique creates a flawless spray tan that is nationally recognized by InStyle Magazine and Vogue as one of the best spray tans in the country.

Izabel Wicker

Founder and CEO

Founded by Izabel Wicker, Hush Hush Tan promises a distinctive concept in the realm of tanning, offering a safer and healthier method to achieve a sun-kissed glow. With a commitment to cleanliness and quality, the salon has crafted its own tanning solution, ensuring a long-lasting, natural tan for its clients.

Women-Founded Spray Tanning & Women Owned Beauty Brand

Hush Hush Tan provides a range of tanning services tailored to individual preferences. Options include Clear Glow, a solution that won't stain clothing; Custom Glow, individually customized to match unique skin tones; Gold Glow, featuring drops of gold for an elevated experience; and Brazilian Glow, a double-dip tanning process. The Rapid Glow service, a quick tan developing in just three hours, is particularly popular, allowing clients to resume their daily activities promptly.

Hush Hush Tan aims for an efficient experience, getting clients in and out in approximately 15 minutes. Alongside tanning services, the salon offers guidance on extending the tan's life and encourages clients to incorporate their all-natural product line—including tan extender, body scrub, body wash, and moisturizer—into their at-home regimen.

Hush Hush TanSkin Care & Tanning Products

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At Hush Hush Tan, we are committed to providing incredible results free from compromise! Our all-natural formulas stem from a desire to provide clients with the cleanest tanning solutions possible. All products are made with natural ingredients to provide a beautiful tan. They are cruelty-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free.


Voted Top Tanning Salon in Texas for a Reason

Hush Hush Tan, acclaimed by Vogue as one of the best salons in the country, is the perfect destination for Austinites seeking a premium salon experience. Our team of professionals at Hush Hush Tan is not just skilled but passionate about delivering the perfect spray tan. They are artists in their own right, dedicated to helping you achieve a flawless, natural-looking tan.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to making you look and feel your best. At Hush Hush Tan, you are part of a journey towards achieving your ideal aesthetic. We ensure that every beauty decision is a collaborative and supported experience, leaving you feeling confident and cared for every step of the way.